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Uploading Application On Google Play Store:- We all are aware of the advancements and the benefits of an app. Therefore the role of apps is increasing day by day.

Small businesses to those of enterprises, each one of those are looking to own an app.

However, an app also helps one to connect with their desired services easily

Therefore there has been a tremendous rise in the app world.

Be it an android app or an iOS, both of them hold their own benefits. It is according to the business the selection of the app is done.

Mobile app development has been a need for almost all businesses and users.

It helps users and businesses to reach their desired destination within less span of time.

However, if you are looking to increase the ROI of your business then app development is one of the prime steps.

Now to build an app it is the mobile app development company that can assist you. They hold an in-house team of experts who can assist you with all benefits.

Therefore if you hold an idea and now it is the time to get assisted with experts.

Perhaps there are lot many stages that are present. Right from the consultation to the development stage.

Experts take account of each one of the stages and assist your requirement.

Now, this is where they make your tasks to be easier and effortlessly done.

With the application process development takes place. There is one stage where major control needs to be taken place.

It is the phase where you need to introduce your app to the entire world.

Although it is the work of the mobile app development company. The I house team of experts will take all charge to get your work done.

Perhaps you should be aware of all the activities which take place.

Today we will help you to know how an app is released to the play store and users take the benefits off.

Major Steps In Publishing An App On Google Play Store

There are mainly 10 steps through which an app is introduced to the entire world.

Now let us know what all those are.

Creation Of Google Developer Account

This is the first step of the beginning of the app development on the google play store.

However, if you do not publish your google developer account then it is not possible for one to publish their app.

In this case, you can also use your google account or create a new one.

In this case creation process includes the agreement, personal information, and the one-time registration fees which is $25.

Add Merchant Account

If you are looking to sell an app or purchase then a merchant account is a must. In this stage, you can manage your sales and monthly inputs as well.

Prepare The Documents 

Paperwork is extremely important and also time taking. But they are a necessity, therefore, we will recommend you to get all your paperwork done.

You can take similar documents from similar apps and complete your requirements.

Make sure to complete the End User License Agreement (EULA) and Privacy Policy in advance.

Study Policies 

Once you have complete your product and now it’s time to have a look at the policies as well.

Match your product with all the policies and complete if any left. This will give you ease to introduce your app firmly.

All the policies must be relevant to the google discover policies.

Technical Needs

Most of the time often technical needs are avoided or they are leftover. However, it can create a huge mess in the entire launch process.

In this case, make sure to check your unique bundle ID.

The singed app released with the certification

The size of the app and file format

Creating App On Google Console | Uploading Application On Google Play Store

When it comes to crafting app on google console then there are few steps to follow.

Reach to All applications tab in the menu

Now select Create Application

Choose the app’s default language from the drop-down menu

Add a brief app description (you can change it later)

Tap on Create

Store Listing

There are some requirements which need to be on top. Some of those are-

Product description



Feature graphic

Promo video



Application type and categorization

Contact details

Privacy Policy

Content Rating

If you do not want to app to be underrated or the make sure that you are prepared with a content rating.

You can go for a questionnaire and the information provide in the questionnaires must be correct.

Uploading Application On Google Play Store

Application Price

In this step, you need to be clear what is the price of your app.

Where your app is available or it will be available on a specific device.

Does your app contain ads?

You can change your paid app to free but it cannot be done vice-versa.

Upload APK And Send For Review

After all the steps are done you are ready to launch your app. In this case, starting with alpha and beta versions will be helpful.

The alpha version assumes testing and is available to the testers only the one you invite.

All of the above steps are mandatory to cover the steps in uploading an application on the google play store.

Main 7 Mistakes To Avoid At The Time Of React Native App Development

App development and industry is booming at a rapid pace. There are businesses in each vertical moving with the advancements.

However, the biggest role in reaching higher sales and revenue is attained with the help of an app.

It is the app development that can allow the business to reach its desired targets.

Therefore if you are a business person then avoiding an app can be the biggest loss in the current era.

App development is one of the biggest needs for every business owner and every vertical.

Therefore if you are starting up a business or you have an enterprise do not miss an idea to develop an app.

An app can allow businesses to reach or maintain a wider presence.

However, in this way, you will be able to be one step closer to your users.

At present time every individual owns a smartphone and hence it has generated the need for an app.

Users with the help of the app can easily reach their desired services.

There will be a less period and also with lot many features and offers.

When you own an app you will be able to direct your potential users to your business. In this way, it enhances the way to reach your desired goals and also better ROI.

However, when it comes to app development there are a lot many frameworks that can be taken upon.

Also, there is a need to know whether you need an android or an iOS app.

Based on that you will be able to take hold of your development process. However, if you are holding an idea then it is better to reach a mobile app development company.

The company owns an in-house team of experts who can assist you with your entire need.

In this way, you will be able to get profits and also a valuable deal for your business.

However in case if you are looking to take command over an app then react-native services are best.

Or it is considered as one of the best choices.

It allows the experts to build the entire process fast and with many benefits.

React Native With Lot Many Popularity  | Uploading Application On Google Play Store

With its ongoing demand react native is gaining a lot of popularity day by day. However, the demand will not be going to stop.

Therefore it is better to make use of react-native services for fast and steady app development.

But there are some of the mistakes which most of the experts perform.

However, with react native, you must take command.

By knowing the necessary points there will be less chance of involving in a disturbing process.

Wrong Estimation

The fundamental format of the software is distinct in android and iOS. The present estimation of the validation format needs to be made.

When you create an app with the use of reacting local framework, you may be asked to write greater codes compared to the hybrid app.

Incorrect Redux storage 

Being a developer you need to pay close interest to the records coping with, panning of an app.

Mutate State Within Render Function

Facts have all of the information at the factor intending to be rendered at the nation. It collects the statistics from the shop and presents them on the display screen.

React has the set state characteristic which takes up the new object state and compares it to the preceding state.

After this upload the new state to the preceding state and ship the statistics around.

Misuse Of Redux

If there are redux then managing the app becomes simple. But here you need to avoid redux as it is time-consuming.

Left “console.log”

The console log is very easy and they help in debugging the app. In simple words, it makes the app to be bug-free.

If you keep on rendering the logs then those can lead to congestion in JavaScript.

Stateless components

Stateless components here mean that they do not extend any class. Therefore you do have to take prime concern about everything.

Unoptimized Native images

Make sure that you do not leave your images being unoptimized. Optimization of the images is a necessity as it will give the entire development stage a beneficial step.

However, by focusing on all the above react-native mistakes you can help your clients to give a successful app.

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