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Whenever you visit any website or tends to look for any services then what is your first step to go with? In most cases, it happens that users check the reviews to what other people have put forth.

Remove Bad Reviews from Google:- Whenever you visit any website or tends to look for any services then what is your first step to go with?

In most cases, it happens that users check the reviews to what other people have put forth.

This helps other people to get prior knowledge of the products or services. No wonder there can be good to bad reviews as well.

As it depends upon how people respond to the products. The range depends upon whether people liked the product or not.

If not then, it can allow them to leave a bad impression.

In continuation with this, the search engine is being one of the steps where you can make your visibility.

There are millions of potential customers who want to see the real people all around and so as the information.

You must have seen some people leave bad reviews and it can be a loss for you.

Since people do visit the website or the services after reaching the reviews and if there is any one of them then can develop a bad impact.

So you must be thinking is there a way through which the bad reviews can be deleted?

To tell you that yes there are some ways through which you can perform the task.

Although it is a bit complicated, there are four ways through which the reviews can be deleted. Let us know what are those and how can you make use of them-

4 Ways To Remove Bad Reviews From Google

There are ways through which you can remove the google review, it can be quite difficult but you can manage to do so.

However, a bad review can leave a negative impact on your organization, and hence it is needed for you to delete them.

Remove Bad Reviews from Google

Inappropriate Google Reviews

Google does not allow you to put any illegal or spam content. If it is happening then there can be a chance for you to get banned.

Now if you want your identity to be maintained then make sure not to put any such type of content.

Here if you are willing to remove it from google then you must check its policy.

Or you can also flag the review in your account.

When it comes to computer

Here you need to sign in to your google my business page. Then you need to open the listing you need to change.

Click to more and then towards flag as inappropriate.

Phone or tablets 

The same is the case with a phone or other devices but with a bit of change. You can open my business page.

Tap the customers and then reviews. Later tap more and flag review.

In the case of google maps | Remove Bad Reviews from Google

You can open the google my business page on the computer

Later you can navigate towards your business listing.

Locate the review you want to remove and click on more flags as inappropriate.

You Can Ask Customer To Delete The Review

When you notice bad reviews then you should take out a moment to remove them or to assist them.

Here you need to what is going wrong with you can how can you fix those.

In addition to this although you can ask customers to delete the reviews but only after concerning their needs.

It might be the case that not all customers can agree to it, in that case, you have to the lookout.

It is rather than asking for their permission you should focus on what can be done to give your best.

You Can Tweet To Google Small Biz Account

If you have been flagged as inappropriate then you can take the help of this step to maintain your reputation.

Here you can tweet to the google small biz account to make sure that you get to follow all the rules and policies and get your work done.

But on the other hand, it cannot be your assistance. It is just a try which you need to give and hence ask for help.

File A Legal Reviews Removal Request

The final step after you have tried is left with you is to file a legal reviews removal request. Here in this case you only have only limited number of attempts.

Google allows you to file a complin by putting forth a request in the form of content.

To do this you will have to go through certain steps followed by google and hence you can take a step.

All of the above 4 ways can help you to remove the bad reviews but do make sure not to give a chance to users to make it happen.

After all you are here to serve and this can be done with good response and services around.


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