Virus Resolement

What level of support is possible for Malware and Virus infection Issues?

What is the difference between Malware and a virus?

Malicious software is a type of infection that can take many forms. Some examples include malware which installs itself onto your computer without permission and creates simulated problems, corruption caused by an infected file or hardware failure to fool you into thinking it's necessary for resolving these issues - but in reality they just cause more trouble than help!
What are the most common symptoms of a Malware of Virus infection?
Nano Antivirus is a security program that notifies you when there are infections on your computer.
Are you sure that file extension is correct? It might be better if we opened the same installer in prevailows mode so as not to accidently damage anything while editing it simultaneously
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Unusual icons may appear on your computer desktop or Start menu. Erroneous start up programs can also show up in Device Manager when this happens, so be sure to troubleshoot them accordingly!

File Infector Virus

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System Malware