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Difference Between Laravel vs CodeIgniter:- There are lot many frameworks that can be used at the time of web development. But do you know which is one of the best platforms?

If not then here in this article you will get to know which framework is the best.

Besides this what is the difference between Laravel vs CodeIgniter?

Let us have more clear information about both of the platforms.

What Is Laravel

When it comes to Laravel it is an open-source platform used in web application development.

The platform is based on the model view controller design pattern.

The project builds with the help of Laravel is more structured and manageable. Also, the platforms are secured and safe.

The syntax and style are considered to be safe.

It is known for its big server site based framework and allows experts to build applications. Hence it is known as one of the best PHP frameworks from the last few years.

What Is CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter framework development is yet another PHP framework and with a minimal footprint.

At the time of web development, it makes use of its simple took kit. On the other hand, it gives developers complete freedom and no dependence on the MVC platform.

This framework allows them to make use of complex functionalities through third-party plugins.

However, they do hold some differences among them.

Major Difference Between Laravel vs Codeigniter

  • Technical documentation

There is a well-organized and simple documentation process of Codeigniter. Where when it comes to Laravel it has a somewhat tough documentation process.

  • Support upgraded version of PHP

There is the latest version of PHP which is 7 and both of the platforms follows the one. But when it comes to development and testing some difficulties rises in both of those.

  • Usage of libraries

Laravel has object-oriented libraries which are easy to use. But when it comes to Codeigniter it holds a difficult object-oriented library.

Difference Between Laravel vs CodeIgniter

  • Reliability and stability

Both of the frameworks are stable when it comes to web application development. Although the risk of bugs and errors are low in Codeigniter as compared to Laravel.

  • Support of community

The team of experts developers get the community support at the time of the project

  • Modular packages

Laravel helps the developers to divide their tasks into small modules. It makes the work of the developers to be easier. Whereas Codeigniter it allow developers to use a modular extension.

  • Streamline of database

Laravel emphasize sceptic relocations and share the data without complex coding. Besides this CodeIgniter give no highlight for pattern relocation of the database.

  • In build template engine

Codeigniter carries within themselves a template engine and it is based on templating languages. Where Laravel has a template engine called the blade which helps in website optimising.

  • Support of HTTPS

HTTPS transmit protocol transmit information in a secured manner and Laravel supports HTTPS routes and Codeigniter has no HTTPS support.

  • Restful controllers

Laravel has different restful controllers to develop different restful applications. Whereas when it comes to Codeigniter developers has to write the restful codes.

  • Security

There is a need for security for each web application and hence Laravel has one of the best security systems as compared to CodeIgniter.

  • Routing

In the case of routing both of the platforms provides the option of PHP framework. This feature helps the developers to route the request inefficiently manner.

  • Object relation mapping

Laravel makes use of eloquent as object relation. Whereas Codeigniter makes use of a modified version of the database which is defined as an active record.

  • Authentication

In Laravel developers get the help of proper authentication and implementation. But in the case of Codeigniter users need to write a custom CodeIgniter extension to authorize features.

  • Output caching

Codeigniter comes with the benefit of output caching where web pages are cached to reduce the risk of lading time. Whereas Laravel also supports various caching backend and it is located in config/cache.php.


There are lot many differences between both Laravel and Codeigniter. Although to some point Laravel is best and to some Codeigniter.

But with the highest number of benefits Laravel is one of the widely used PHP frameworks. Therefore it is one of the prominent choices among developers and web development companies.

However, if you are looking to assist with help for the web application platform then in that case Laravel is one of those.

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