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Laravel Or CodeIgniter:- Which framework is better? When it comes to web development this is one of the common questions to be searched for.

Besides this, there are lot many frameworks as well. Therefore it is necessary for one to determine which is best and to begin with.

Here among a lot many of those today we are helping you to know the difference between Laravel And CodeIgniter.

Also to which framework is better and why to choose the one. In this way, you will be more clear about your decision and also get appropriate results.

Over the past few years, it has been seen that PHP Laravel is one of the best frameworks among all.

It is because of its advanced features and technicality.

Also, there are many PHP frameworks that are quite popular and especially Laravel And CodeIgniter.

Therefore to begin with the development process you need to have a sound knowledge of both of them.

In this way you can take your decision and as we said earlier to get the best result.

What is Laravel 

Laravel is known as an open-source PHP framework. The platform was introduced for the development of web applications with the help of MVC architecture.

Besides this, its source code is hosted by GitHub and is known as one of the reliable PHP frameworks.

What is CodeIgniter

 When it comes to CodeIgniter it is also known as one of the powerful PHP frameworks. When you want your design to be simple and elegant then developers select the platform.

It gives freedom to the users as it does not make use of the MVC platform.

It allows third-party plugins which are helpful in implementing complicated functionalities.

Market Stats Of Laravel Or CodeIgniter

  • Laravel has around 0.37% of the market share when compared to other frameworks.
  • There are around 648,115 live websites with the help of this platform and over 1.78% (one million) is US-based.
  • Laravel has 63.5k Github stars which help in improving the real-time framework.
  • Now when it comes to CodeIgniter it has a 0.36% market share.
  • Holds around 17.7k stars and 7.8k forks on Github.
  • The number of websites builds on CodeIgniter is1,410,088 right from here are from Japan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and 39 other countries.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laravel


The PHP framework comes along with the ready to use packages of tools. These tools help in user authentication, testing and another facility. After all the main motive of the framework is to deliver the best project.

It makes use of templating engine which is known as a blade. It offers the power to format data and create a complex web layout with easy navigation.

It has the ability to automate any kind of recurring task.

Offers expressive testing methods with PHP unit.

Laravel Or CodeIgniter


Laravel holds the benefits of being light-weighted but here it comes under certain kinds of cons. The lightweight nature can lead to excessive congestion in the backend process.

It is an open-source platform and is also backed by a vast community. But it also leads to an increase in less reliable third-party libraries.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of CodeIgniter


The main benefit of CodeIgniter is that it offers better security and helps in application customization. The frameworks allow building security protocols for specific business needs.

It collaborates with the expression engine to help experts and also gives to build in user authentication.

Its vibrant and active support group extensively contributes to ready-to-use open source. This in turn enhances web development.


It sometimes becomes very difficult for developers to maintain or update the code.

As compared to other PHP frameworks it can at the time offers an exhaustive list of libraries.


There are different benefits of Laravel and CodeIgniter, therefore it can be difficult to say which is best. Both of them has their own features and advantages at the time of web development.

Since Laravel is one of the widely used frameworks at the present time as it has more benefits in comparison with CodeIgniter.

Also, you can plan your requirement and compare to know which one will suit you.

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